It usually takes some sort of wake-up call to bring us to therapy, and these calls come in many different forms. Sometimes it’s a vague yet persistent uneasiness, sometimes it’s downright suffering. Sometimes a specific incident such as an unexpected change or sudden loss can leave us feeling as if the bottom has dropped out of our world. Other times it’s a growing sense of loneliness, disconnection and lack of support, or a gradual realization that we’re just not quite as joyful or fulfilled in our lives as we expected to be.

Anxiety, depression, existential angst, stage of life issues—all of these can serve to put us in touch with our innate yearning for growth and healing. Chances are, if you’re reading this page, you’ve had such a wake-up call, and decided not to hit the snooze alarm.

It’s so easy in our culture to feel a sense of alienation that we lose sight of the fact that we have a hard-wired capacity for connection. Conflict can dominate our relationships and our thoughts, inhibiting our emotional growth. In fact, thinking makes it harder for us to connect with our feelings. But our true feelings are cues alerting us to our inner experience, and valuable opportunities to discover something vital about ourselves. Really, what could be more important?

In our work together we’ll unpack and sort out true feelings from habitual thought patterns. With a fresh perspective and the wisdom accrued over half a century of life experience, I’m here to shine a light on the path and give you a sense of direction. You have within you the resources for your own healing. You will mobilize your own body, mind, spirit, and soul to heal yourself. I’m here to help, to equip you to do it, and to support you as you do.